Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paris hilton video. Sexy stuff.

Paris hilton video. Cool pics:

paris hilton videoparis hilton videoparis hilton video
Why R. Kelly was found not guilty? Im sorry, but the evidence was there! They had a 27-minute video, plus numerous witnesses who said that indeed was Kelly, a young girl who said she grew up with the child on the tape. And they had forensic experts! More Kelly has refused to testify! If he was innocent he wouldnt have had no problem answering questions? It is obvious that he and the girl had something to hide. Just another example of why black celebrities away from it all. OJ, Brandy, Kelly now. However, the white stars like Paris Hilton and Martha Stewart is now in jail for something smaller. Because the justice system is so hard to make sure not to upset the black people! Its so unfair and racist! And whats worse it was a prestigious jury which has made this decision, not a judge. Had they been successful? I thought they were all a single panel from different backgrounds. Yet, they all think HES not guilty? Something is amiss. Someone has been paid.
Watch her SEXTAPE video here...

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